Redmond Central

At a glance

Location: 16502 Cleveland Street Redmond WA 98052
Surface: 13,000 sf.
Concrete: 10,583 cyds
Rebar: 866 tons
Man Hours: 47,045
Completion Date: 9/01/2023

Project overview

This project, completed on September 1, 2023, exemplifies the sheer scale of modern construction efforts and highlights the intricacy and precision involved in such an undertaking.

The impressive use of over 10,000 cubic yards of concrete and nearly 900 tons of rebar further illuminates the project’s magnitude, as over 47,000 man-hours were committed. This venture is a testament to the advanced planning, engineering, and craftsmanship required to bring such a significant architectural feat to life.

We followed all industry regulations and put strict safety protocols in place to protect workers and visitors on the site. Thanks to our commitment to safety, the construction process went smoothly and without incident. We kept an open line of communication with stakeholders, providing regular updates on the project’s progress and promptly addressing any concerns.