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Carmona Construction provides commercial concrete construction and related services in the Puget Sound area. As an experienced concrete contractor, we are committed to safety and quality in all our services.

Structural Concrete

Structural Concrete

No structural concrete job is too big for Carmona. We build strong backbones for all kinds of structures, including:

  • Concrete footings to support building foundations in areas with active soils.
  • Concrete wall construction for durability and resistance to the elements.
  • Concrete column construction for low-maintenance, strong support in buildings of all sizes.
  • Concrete slab construction on grade to provide a weight-bearing foundation.
Post Tensioned Decks

Post Tensioned Decks

We build post-tensioned decks for commercial buildings, residential structures, parking structures, and more. These decks are prestressed to make them less likely to crack and better able to support loads than traditional slabs. They are also a good choice for reducing the overall building weight, height, or the need for excavation below grade. 

All Carmona crews are post-tension certified. Our concrete construction professionals know how to build post-tensioned decks you can trust.

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Carmona’s experienced concrete contractor team can work on all kinds of flatwork projects, including parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and outdoor spaces. We have in-house flatwork crews who help us maintain the quality of your finished projects.

Our flatwork place-and-finish services are priced by unit and available upon request.


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Storm Water Detention Vaults

Our stormwater detention vaults can help you prevent flooding and erosion. Carmona’s concrete contractor team casts vaults in place, often under parking lots or wherever makes sense on your project site. The result is a turnkey stormwater detention vault, ready to manage your water runoff right away.