415 St. Helens Apartments

At a glance

Location: 415 St. Helens Ave. Tacoma WA 98402
Surface: 39,073 sf.
Concrete: 12,429 cyds
Rebar: 770 tons
Man Hours: 53,999
Completion Date: 3/01/2023

Project overview

The 415 St. Helens Apartments project in Tacoma, WA, showcases Carmona Construction’s expertise in handling large-scale constructions. 

With a surface area of 39,073 sq. ft., this development features a significant amount of concrete and rebar, totaling 12,429 cubic yards and 770 tons, respectively. Over 53,999 man-hours went into completing this project by March 1, 2023, demonstrating the company’s commitment to efficiency and quality in delivering high-standard living spaces.

We prioritized safety throughout the project, adhering to industry regulations and implementing rigorous safety protocols to protect workers and site visitors. Their commitment to safety ensured a smooth construction process and open communication channels with stakeholders, providing regular updates on the project’s progress and promptly addressing any concerns.